Best Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Best Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Ever wanted to throw an epic birthday bash but didn't have the time or skills to plan it yourself? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Some fantastic party planners in Delhi can organize an unforgettable celebration for you while you sit back and enjoy.

These event companies have years of experience crafting custom parties for every age, style, and budget. Whether you want a lavish affair with decor that will drop jaws or an intimate gathering with your closest friends,

Delhi's top planners have the creativity and connections to make your birthday vision come to life. All you need to do is reach out to a few of these highly-rated planners, tell them your idea of the perfect party, and watch as they work their magic.

Before you know it, you'll be walking into a birthday wonderland and soaking in the admiration of your guests for pulling off such an amazing event. Let the celebration begin!

Why Hire a Birthday Party Organizer in Delhi?

Planning a birthday party is exciting but also time-consuming and stressful. Hiring a professional organizer in Delhi to handle the details is worth considering for several reasons:

First, they can save you valuable time. Coming up with a theme, creating invitations, booking a venue, organizing activities, arranging catering and entertainment - that's a lot for one person to handle on top of everyday responsibilities. A party planner does this for a living so they can pull it all together efficiently.

Also, they have connections and experiences that translate to an unforgettable celebration. Party Event planners in Delhi have access to some of the city’s most sought-after party venues, caterers, entertainers, and more. They know how to negotiate the best deals and can suggest unique options tailored to your needs.

In addition, planners handle logistics so you can enjoy the party stress-free. On the actual birthday, they will oversee setup, keep activities on schedule, liaise with catering and entertainment staff, and ensure any issues are resolved without bothering you or your guests.

Whether it’s a kid’s birthday extravaganza or a sweet 16, hiring a professional to organize the details is worth the investment. Focus on what matters - celebrating another year of life surrounded by your nearest and dearest. Let the pros handle the rest!

With the right organizer, you’ll have a birthday bash that exceeds your expectations and becomes a cherished memory for years to come. Start researching planners in Delhi today and make this birthday one for the books!

Top Birthday Party Organisers in East Delhi

If you're looking to host an unforgettable birthday bash in East Delhi, these top party organizers should be at the top of your list.

First Fun

First Fun Party Planners specializes in creative themes and décor to make your celebration one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to transport guests to an enchanted forest or the Wild West, they have options galore. Their all-inclusive packages handle everything from venue selection and catering to entertainment and favors.


For over 15 years, Celebrations has been crafting custom birthday experiences in Delhi NCR. They provide end-to-end event management, allowing you to enjoy the party with guests. Their team helps choose a venue, recommends entertainment like magic shows or arcade games, and even handles RSVP tracking and gift registry. Celebrations work within your budget to make birthday wishes come true.


Partylicious lives up to its name, crafting bashes that are truly delicious. If you have a mini foodie on your hands, they offer gourmet menus featuring kid favorites with an upscale twist, like mini fish and chips or pizza rolls. They also provide Pinterest-worthy décor, from balloon garlands to confetti cannons. Partylicious plans each detail to perfection so you can sit back, relax, and snap lots of photos of your little one enjoying their special day.

With the party professionals in East Delhi, you'll be raising your glass in a toast to the best birthday yet. Call on their experience and expertise to create a celebration that will thrill your child for years to come.

Planning an Unforgettable Kids' Birthday Party

Planning a fun kids’ birthday party in Delhi takes work, but the results are so worth it. Here are some tips to make it an unforgettable celebration:

Choose a Theme

A theme gives the party focus and guides the decorations, activities, and more. Some popular options for kids include princesses, superheroes, animals, or movies. Ask your child what they’re into lately and build the theme around that. For a crowd-pleasing party, you can’t go wrong with a fun fair or carnival theme.

Book the Venue

For kids, an activity-based venue is ideal. Check out indoor play places, trampoline parks, amusement parks, or recreational centers in your area. These spaces provide built-in entertainment and often private party rooms for cake and presents.

At-home parties are also great, especially if you have a backyard. You’ll have more flexibility and control, though you’ll need to organize more activities and entertainment.

Send Fun Invitations

Set the tone for an awesome party with exciting invitations. For a movie theme, send tickets. For a fair theme, make wristbands or prize tickets. Online invites with an engaging design are also easy to create and share.

Give all the party details including start/end times, address, and what to wear or bring.

Plan Activities

With kids, the more activities the merrier! Organize games like musical chairs, limbo, water balloons, or relay races. Arts and crafts like face painting, temporary tattoos, or cupcake decorating are always a hit.

And of course, open presents, sing “Happy Birthday,” blow out candles, and serve cake! Keep the flow going so no one gets bored or restless.

Take Lots of Pictures!

Don’t forget to capture all the memories from this special day. Take posed group shots, silly candids, reaction shots, and more. Share pictures with all the guests and the birthday child as a fun memento from the party. With the right theme, venue, activities, and lots of smiles and laughter, this birthday celebration in Delhi will be one to remember!

Creative Birthday Party Themes and Ideas

Creative party themes and ideas can turn an ordinary birthday celebration into an unforgettable event. Here are some fun, unique themes to consider:

Adventure Party

For the thrill-seeking birthday boy or girl, an adventure party theme is perfect. Decorate using maps, compasses, and gear. Set up activities like obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, or minute-to-win-it-type challenges.

You can even do geocaching, letterboxing, or orienteering activities around your party location. Serve trail mix, granola bars, and bottles of water to complete the adventure vibe.

DIY Party

A do-it-yourself party theme puts the creativity in the hands of the guests. Set up different craft stations and provide supplies for guests to make their own party hats, T-shirts, picture frames, or other decorations and favors. You can also do cupcake or cookie decorating, dream board making, or friendship bracelet braiding. This interactive theme works great for artsy kids and teens.

Movie Party

For movie buffs, a movie-themed bash is ideal. Decorate using a favorite movie or film genre. Activities can include watching movies, movie trivia, reenacting favorite scenes, or making your movie trailers.

Serve classic movie snacks like popcorn, candy, pizza, and sliders. Favors can be movie tickets, clapboards, director’s chairs, or star-shaped sunglasses.

Masquerade Party

A masquerade theme adds an air of mystery and intrigue. Require all guests to wear masquerade masks for an anonymous, elegant feel. Decorate using gold, black, and red colors, candles, feathers, and jewels.

Play dramatic classical music to set the mood. Serve fancy hors d'oeuvres like bruschetta, chocolate-covered strawberries, and petit fours. This lavish theme works great for a sweet 16 or quinceañera celebration.

Choosing a creative, unique party theme will make any birthday celebration one to remember. With interactive activities, on-theme decorations, music, food, and favors, guests are sure to have an unforgettable experience at your next birthday bash.

Venue Options for Birthday Parties in Delhi

When it comes to birthday parties, the venue is one of the most important elements. Delhi has many wonderful venue options for an unforgettable birthday bash. Here are some of the top picks:

Banquet Halls

Banquet halls are a popular, versatile choice for birthday parties of all sizes. Many hotels offer banquet halls that can be rented out for events. Some good options in Delhi include The Oberoi, Taj Palace, and Le Meridien.

Banquet halls provide ample space for decorating, activities, dancing, and more. You can choose from elaborate buffets or opt for catering from your favorite restaurant.


For a fun, laid-back vibe, consider renting a farmhouse on the outskirts of Delhi. Farmhouses offer sprawling outdoor space, gardens, and rustic charm that is perfect for barbeques, outdoor games, and bonding with friends and family. Some recommended farmhouse options are Aapno Ghar, Palm Grove, and Whistling Meadows.


Upscale clubs in Delhi like Privee, Toy Room, and Cirrus are popular party spots and often rent out space for private events. Clubs provide a chic, stylish ambiance, state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting, VIP amenities, and signature cocktails. For a glamorous birthday bash, clubs are an ideal choice.

Activity Centers

For kids and adventure-loving adults, activity centers focused on sports, games, and recreation are exciting birthday party venues. Some recommended options are SMASH, Smash, Funcity, and Scary House. These centers offer activities like go-karting, bowling, video games, thrill rides, and more—perfect for an action-packed celebration.

With so many wonderful venue options in Delhi, you can create a birthday party experience tailored to the birthday boy or girl and all the guests. A memorable venue combined with great food, music, activities, and company will make for an unforgettable celebration.

Food and Catering Tips for a Memorable Celebration

When planning the food for a memorable birthday party, keep these tips in mind:

Choose a Theme

Selecting a theme for the party, whether based on the birthday person’s hobbies, favorite movie or book series, or a fun color scheme, will make choosing a menu much easier. A theme guides decor, activities, and of course, the treats and snacks. If going with a theme isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with classic party fare like pizza, sandwiches, chips, and dips.

Cater to a Variety of Diets

With friends and family of all ages attending, be sure to provide options for common diet restrictions like gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or vegetarian. Label foods clearly so guests know what’s in each dish. Some crowd-pleasing, diet-inclusive options include:

  • Fruit kabobs or skewers
  • Hummus and veggie platters
  • Rice crispy treats made with nut or seed butter instead of marshmallows
  • Cupcakes or cake in a variety of flavors like chocolate, red velvet, and lemon with dairy-free frosting

Keep It Fun!

What’s a birthday party without whimsical treats? Consider:

  • Custom cookies or rice krispie treats in fun shapes like stars, rockets, or the birthday person’s initial
  • A popcorn or candy bar for guests to fill bags with their favorites
  • An ice cream or frozen yogurt sundae bar with lots of toppings to choose from
  • A doughnut wall where guests can pick their doughnuts

Provide Plenty of Options

Have more food than you think you need, as guests will likely make multiple trips to the buffet or snack table. In addition to the special treats, include:

  • Mini sandwiches, sliders or tacos
  • Chips, pretzels and popcorn
  • Fresh fruit like berries, melon and citrus
  • Veggies and dip
  • Pizza or flatbread
  • Juice boxes, bottled water and soda

Following these tips will ensure all your guests leave with full bellies and memories of a fantastic celebration. Most importantly, relax and enjoy this special time with friends and loved ones!

Entertainment Ideas: Clowns, Magicians, Performers

When planning the entertainment for a child's birthday party, there are so many fun options to choose from! Here are some creative ideas to make it an unforgettable celebration:


What kid doesn't love clowns? Clowns that do face painting, juggle, make balloon animals, and pull pranks are always a hit at children's parties. They keep the little ones laughing and engaged with their silly antics and tricks. Book a professional clown or clown company in Delhi to bring fun and laughter.


Magic shows full of tricks, illusions, and even some comedy will delight kids of all ages. Magicians in Delhi can tailor their acts for different age groups to keep things age-appropriate. Things like making objects disappear and reappear, escaping from handcuffs or straitjackets, and levitating objects seem like real magic to kids. Their jaws will drop in amazement at the magical spectacle.

Puppet Shows

Colorful puppets that dance, sing, and act out stories and fairy tales will spark the imagination. Puppet shows are highly entertaining but also help kids develop an appreciation for creativity, storytelling, and the performing arts. Professional puppeteers in Delhi offer shows based on popular children's stories, folk tales, cartoons, and more.

Tattoo Artists/Face Painters

What child doesn't want a cool temporary tattoo or to have their face painted to look like their favorite animal or character? Henna and temporary tattoo artists, as well as professional face painters, can set up stations at the party to decorate the kids. They'll all want a turn to get a tattoo, mustache, butterfly, or tiger face!


Everything from princesses and superheroes to jugglers, acrobats, and dance troops can put on an amazing show. Costumed characters will delight the children and happily pose for photos. Professional performers, dance groups, and circus entertainers in Delhi offer high-energy, action-packed shows guaranteed to thrill kids and parents alike.

With so many entertainers and performance options to choose from, your child's birthday party will be full of fun, laughter, and memories that will last for years to come! Let the professionals in Delhi help make it a celebration to remember.

Budgeting and Costs of Hiring a Party Planner

Hiring a birthday party planner in Delhi to help plan and execute your birthday celebration is a great way to take the stress out of party planning. However, their services do come at a cost. Here are some things to keep in mind regarding the budget and fees when hiring a birthday party planner:

Party organizers typically charge either a flat fee for their services or a percentage of the total party budget. Flat fees usually range from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 or more, depending on the complexity of your party. Percentage fees are often 10-20% of the total budget. Get quotes from a few planners to compare.

Discuss exactly what is included in the planner’s fees. Usually, it covers time spent planning, securing vendors and venues, creating a theme, handling logistics, and being present at your party to ensure everything runs smoothly. Additional costs may include:

  • Venue fees: Planners can help find and book a venue but the rental cost will be charged separately.
  • Vendor and entertainment fees: While planners can arrange for catering, decor, entertainment, etc., you will still need to pay the vendors directly for their services and products.
  • Permits and licenses: If your party requires any special permits or licenses, the fees for those would not typically be included in the planner’s charges.
  • Extra time and staff: Complex parties may require more time and assistance than originally estimated, resulting in additional fees. Discuss overtime or extra staff charges upfront.
  • Unexpected costs: There are always unforeseen costs that crop up. Have a 10-15% buffer in your total budget to cover any surprise expenses.

By understanding what is and isn’t included in a party planner’s fees and budgeting accordingly for other costs, you can hire a pro to organize an amazing birthday bash without breaking the bank. With some negotiation, you may be able to get additional services included or a lower percentage fee. Start planning early and be upfront about your budget to get the best deal.

FAQ: Answering Common Questions on Birthday Party Organizers in Delhi

So you’ve decided to hire a birthday party organizer in Delhi to take the stress out of planning your celebration. That’s a great idea! Party organizers are professionals who will handle all the details so you can enjoy the event. Here are some commonly asked questions about hiring a birthday party organizer in Delhi:

What services do party organizers provide?

Party organizers offer a range of services to make your event a hit. This includes:

  • Venue selection and booking: They’ll help you find and book an ideal venue for your party theme and guest size.
  • Catering: They work with caterers to provide delicious food and drinks for your guests.
  • Entertainment: They can book performers, arrange games and activities, and provide party favors and decor to keep guests entertained.
  • Transportation: They organize travel to and from the venue for you and your guests.
  • Photography: They hire professional photographers and videographers to capture memories from your special day.
  • Staffing: They provide servers, security, and cleanup crew so you don’t have to worry about setting up or cleaning up.

How much do party organizers cost?

Party organizer fees depend on the services you require and your party size and style. You can expect to pay between ₹25,000 to ₹200,000 for an extravagant birthday party in Delhi. Many organizers offer custom party packages to suit different budgets. It’s best to contact a few organizers directly to compare quotes.

How do I choose a party organizer?

When hiring a birthday party organizer in Delhi, consider:

  • Their experience organizing similar events. Look for organizers with a proven track record of success.
  • Their reviews and ratings. Check their Google reviews and social media to see feedback from past clients.
  • Their responsiveness and enthusiasm. Look for organizers who show interest in your vision and are quick to respond to questions.
  • Their fees and what’s included. Compare prices and specific services to find an organizer that fits your budget and needs.
  • Their design and styling abilities. View photos of past events to assess their eye for detail, creativity, and ability to execute your desired theme.

By finding answers to your questions and doing thorough research, you’ll be able to find a skilled birthday party organizer in Delhi to create an unforgettable celebration. Party on!


You only turn 21 once, so make it a birthday to remember! With the help of Delhi's top birthday party planners, you can have an unforgettable celebration. Let the pros handle the details so you can focus on enjoying your special day surrounded by friends and loved ones.

One of these talented organizers is sure to craft an event that matches your unique style and vision. Get ready to make memories that will last for years to come. Your 21st birthday is a milestone worth celebrating in style.

Why not start this next chapter of your life with an amazing party organized by the best in the business? You deserve nothing less. Make a wish, blow out the candles, and get ready to make this birthday epic! The party planners of Delhi are here to make all your birthday dreams come true.