33 Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes for 2023!

You want to throw an amazing birthday party for your little girl this year, but you don't know where to start. With so many options for awesome girl birthday themes, awesome girl birthday themes, it can be tough to choose. Well, worry no more! We've rounded up the 33 most popular girl birthday party themes for 2023, so you can make this birthday extra special.

Whether she's into princesses or unicorns, glitter or slime, we've got you covered with the trendiest party themes girls will be begging for this year. Get ready for an epic bash she'll never forget with the perfect theme to match her style and personality. This list has everything you need to plan her best party yet, with decorations, activities, snacks, favors, and more to bring each theme to life. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling and get inspired! Her birthday will be here before you know it.

Pastel Princess: A Cute Girly Theme

A pastel princess theme is perfect for your little girl's birthday theme for girls. birthday theme for girls. Girls will love the soft colors and sparkle.


Deck out the party area in pinks, purples, and powder blues. Hang tulle fabric and string fairy lights for an enchanted look. Scatter rhinestones, glitter, and tiaras around the tables. Spell out the birthday girl's name in large wooden letters decorated in pastels.


Have the girls make their own wands or scepters using wooden dowels, ribbon, glitter, and stickers. Let them decorate their own princess crowns or masks. Read a story about a fairy princess for inspiration. Teach the girls a "princess dance" to cute music. Play pin the crown on the princess.

Create a photo slideshow or collage highlighting memories from the couple's relationship. Display wedding photos, family pictures, and shots of the couple over the years. Set out wedding mementos like the bride's veil or the groom's boutonniere in a shadow box.

Choose an elegant venue and decor.

Hold the party at an upscale banquet hall, a historic mansion, or the couple's place of worship. White or ivory tablecloths, candles, crystal vases, and formal china create a refined ambiance. For a 50th anniversary, gold charger plates, goblets, and flatware enhance the opulence.


Offer tea sandwiches, cupcakes with princess toppers, rice krispie treats shaped like wands, fruit wands, and juice boxes for the little royals. For a special surprise, get a princess cake customized with the birthday girl's name and favorite characters.


Send each guest home with a goodie bag of princess treats like stickers, tattoos, bouncy balls, play jewelry, mini play-doh, and mini coloring books. Little toys like plastic rings, wands, or figurines make perfect mementos of a fun, sparkly celebration.

With a few special touches, you'll transform your party space into a whimsical princess dreamland. Most of all, your little girl will feel like royalty on her special day, surrounded by her best friends in a sea of pink. What could be more magical?

Unicorns and Rainbows: A Magical, Colorful Theme

A magical unicorn and rainbow theme is perfect for your little princess's birthday party. Girls will love the bright colors and whimsical decorations.


Cover the walls, tables, and any other surfaces with rainbow colors! Use rainbow streamers, confetti, tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins. Get unicorn piatas, garlands, banners, and stuffed animals. Scatter rainbow and star confetti on the tables.

Blow up a few unicorn pool toys or yard decorations to display. Kids will love taking photos with them!

Make your own rainbow arches or clouds to hang from the ceiling.

Set up a DIY rainbow backdrop for photos.


There's so much you can do! Have the girls make their own rainbow t-shirts or unicorn horns or do rainbow nail polish or rainbow bead crafts. Play pin the horn on the unicorn. Set up rainbow obstacle courses, hopscotch with rainbow chalk, or bubbles in all the colors of the rainbow.

Do rainbow parachute play or have the girls create their own rainbow kites to fly outside.

Read books about unicorns and rainbows. The Rainbow Magic Fairies series is always a hit.

Have a rainbow scavenger hunt with small toys or stickers as the prizes.

With all the colorful decor and magical activities, your birthday girl and her friends will have a party they'll never forget. A unicorn and rainbow theme sparks creativity and fun. Most of all, the joy and wonder on the girls' faces will make all your efforts worthwhile!

Mermaids and Sea Creatures: An Under-the-Sea Adventure

A mermaid and undersea theme party is perfect for little girls who love the magic of merfolk and life in the ocean depths. Here are some ideas to make it an unforgettable underwater adventure:


Using shades of blue, green, and turquoise, you can transform the party space into an underwater paradise. Hang strings of bubbles, fish cutouts, or nets from the ceiling. Drape blue fabric over tables and chairs to make them look like underwater seaweed and coral. LED lights, lanterns, or gel lights in ocean colors will make the room glow like the sea floor


  • Mermaid makeovers: Provide tails, seashell bras, wigs, and makeup so the girls can become mermaids.
  • Sand art or sea shell collages: Give the girls shells, sea glass, driftwood, and glue to make ocean-themed art.
  • Musical shells: like musical chairs When the music stops, everyone has to hold a seashell. Whoever is left without a shell is out.
  • Mermaid dancing: Play ocean sounds or calming music and have the girls sway and twirl like mermaids in the sea.
  • Sea life scavenger hunt: Provide a list of ocean creatures and objects for the girls to scout out, like starfish, sharks, octopuses, sand dollars, etc.
  • Pass the seashell: like a hot potato. While music plays, the girls pass around a large seashell. Whoever is holding the shell when the music stops is out. Last mermaid swimming wins!
  • Mermaid makeovers: Provide tails, seashell bras, wigs, and makeup so the girls can become mermaids. Take photos of the girls posing as mermaids.

Cake and treats

  • Mermaid tail cake: Bake a cake in the shape of a giant mermaid tail. Decorate with blue icing and sprinkles.
  • Starfish or seashell cookies: sugar cookies cut out in ocean shapes and decorated to look like undersea creatures
  • Swedish fish or goldfish crackers: for a salty sea-themed treat
  • Blue Hawaiian Punch: For a bright blue ocean-colored beverage Add floating fruit slices or Swedish fish for effect.

An undersea adventure will spark any little girl's imagination. With the right activities, treats, favors, and decorations, this party theme is sure to be a splashing success!

Ballerinas and Tutus: For the Dancing Divas

For little ballerinas and dancing divas, a tutu- and ballet-themed party is perfect. This party theme is all about grace, poise, and, of course, lots of pink!


Decorate using varying shades of pink, from ballet slipper pink to rosy pink. Cover tables with pink tablecloths and scatter tutus, ballet slippers, feathers, and glitter. Hang pink streamers or tulle fabric from the ceiling for a dreamy look.


Have the girls make their own tutus or ballet slippers to take home. Provide tulle, elastic bands, ribbon, and felt or satin for the slippers. Teach them some basic ballet moves in a dance lesson. Play ‘pin the bow on the ballet shoe’ or ‘musical tutus’. Watch a kids ballet movie for inspiration, like Barbie in the Pink Shoes.


A pink cake with a tutu around the bottom is perfect. Or do cupcakes with ballet slipper toppers. Edible ballerina or swan lake figurines also make great cake toppers.


Fill pink gift bags or boxes with lip gloss, nail polish, stickers, play jewelry, mini play-doh, and small toys. Tutu- or ballet slipper-shaped candy molds are a cute idea for favors. Stickers, tattoos, and coloring pages featuring ballerinas, swans, or ballet shoes also make great favor bag stuffers.

This party theme is ideal for little girls between 4 and 8 years old. With all the pink and glitter, frilly tutus, and ballet shoes, your tiny ballerinas will feel like real prima donnas at this charming party. Their friends and guests are sure to love prancing around and learning to dance just like real ballerinas. A tutu and ballet-themed party will be a celebration they never forget!

Pajama Party: A Relaxed, Fun Theme

A pajama party is always a fun, relaxed theme for a girl's birthday. Rather than dealing with fancy outfits and hairdos, the focus is on comfort, movies, snacks, games, and gossiping with friends.

Keep it casual.

The key to a successful pajama party is keeping everything low-key and casual. Have guests wear their coziestpajamas, robes, slippers, and blankets. Play movies, TV shows, or YouTube videos that you all enjoy for entertainment. Stock up on classic slumber party snacks like popcorn, pizza, candy, ice cream, and chocolate.

Fun Activities

Once you’ve satisfied any snack cravings, there are plenty of activities to keep the party going all night. Do makeovers or nails, complete with face masks, nail polish, and glitter. Play classic party games like truth or dare, two truths and a lie, never have I ever, or would you rather? You can also do crafts like dream boards, friendship bracelets, or pillow making.

Set the mood.

To set the mood, dim the lights, light some scented candles, and play relaxing music. Provide extras like stuffed animals, board games, cards, coloring books, journals, or storybooks for those quieter moments. Most importantly, ditch the schedule and just go with the flow. A pajama party should be free-flowing fun without rigid timelines or schedules.

Memorable party favors

Send guests home with small gifts to remember an epic slumber party. Things like scrunchies, face masks, nail polish, lip gloss, stickers, temporary tattoos, or phone cases are perfect. You can also do customized t-shirts, water bottles, picture frames, or jewelry boxes. Whatever you choose, keep the favors useful but low-cost since guests will likely receive many gifts.

A pajama party is the perfect theme for a fun, giggly girls’ birthday celebration. Keep things cozy and casual, have lots of snacks and activities on hand, and set a relaxed mood. Most of all, go into the party with an easygoing attitude, because the best slumber parties are all about bonding over laughter and inside jokes with your best friends.

Carnival and Circus: For Silly Fun

A carnival and circus-themed party is perfect for silly, whimsical fun. Little girls will love the bright colors, quirky characters, and whimsical decor. ### Games and Activities

Set up classic carnival games like squirt gun races, bean bag tosses, balloon animals, or face painting. You can find many of these supplies at a party supply store or dollar store. For a fun craft, have the girls decorate their own clown hats or masks.


Decorate with a colorful tent, streamers, balloons, and carnival prizes like stuffed animals, kazoos, or mini flashlights. A "Big Top" sign, red and white stripes, and carousel horses also help set the scene. For tableware, use red and white checked plastic tablecloths, popcorn boxes, cotton candy cones, and striped straws.

Costumes and dress-up

Encourage the girls to come in colorful and silly outfits like tutus, leggings, t-shirts, and crazy socks. Provide accessories for dressing up, like clown noses, colorful wigs, face paint, temporary tattoos, or stickers. The sillier, the better!

Food and Treats

Serve classic carnival fare like popcorn, pretzels, corn dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, candy apples, lemonade, snow cones, and popcorn. You can find many of these pre-made or make them yourself. Cupcakes or a cake decorated with a circus tent, carousel horse, or clown theme are perfect for the birthday girl.

A carnival birthday bash with games, crafts, dress-up, and treats is sure to delight any little girl and her friends. With colorful decor, whimsical costumes, and classic carnival fare, you'll have the silliest celebration in town! Send the girls home with kazoos, mini stuffed animals, or tattoos as fun favors to remember this memorable party.

Parisian Tea Party: Channel Your Inner Mademoiselle

A Parisian tea party theme is perfect for your little mademoiselle’s birthday. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with the elegance and whimsy of the City of Light.


Go all out with pinks, golds, and Eiffel Tower icons. Drape gold tablecloths over small round tables and add pink rose centerpieces in vintage vases. Set the table with gold chargers, pink napkins, teacups, and saucers. Hang strings of fairy lights for a dreamy ambiance.


  • Tea tasting: Offer an assortment of kid-friendly herbal teas, juices, and treats for tasting on tiered stands. Have the girls vote on their favorites.
  • Make macarons: The classic French cookie is always a hit. Provide almond flour, powdered sugar, and food coloring in pastel shades so the girls can make their own macaron assortment.
  • DIY berets: Felt or fabric berets, ribbons, sequins, and silk flowers let the girls craft their own stylish chapeaus.
  • Learn basic French phrases: Teach the girls some key greetings, please and thank you, and other phrases to charm the guests. Practice together and give out prizes for the best accent.
  • Make Eiffel Towers: Provide craft supplies for the girls to make their own Eiffel Tower models however they like, from paper mâché to Lego to popsicle sticks. Display the creations for all to see.
  • Watch a movie: Put on a movie like "Anastasia" or "Madeline" for entertainment while enjoying tea and treats.
  • Send Parisian postcards: Set up a postcard station where the girls can write messages on Eiffel Tower postcards to take home as favors.

A Parisian tea party is the perfect chance for your little girl and friends to indulge in an afternoon of fanciful fun. Ooh la la, it’s time to celebrate! Live out your dreams of strolling the Champs-Élysées and soaking in the joie de vivre of Paris from the comfort of home.

Movie Night: For the Popcorn Lovers

A movie-night theme is perfect for any movie-loving birthday girl. Settle in with some popcorn and treats for a fun night of watching favorites on the big screen.

Movie snacks

You can’t have a movie night without snacks! Stock up on popcorn, candy, chips, and pizza. Set up a popcorn bar with different toppings like M&Ms, gummy bears, sprinkles, and chocolate chips. Provide movie candy like Red Vines, Milk Duds, Twizzlers, and Snow Caps. Don’t forget movie theater classics like nachos, hot dogs, and pretzels with cheese.

Movie decor

Deck out the party space with a movie theater feel using posters of the birthday girl’sfavorite films. Create a Hollywood Walk of Fame with the guests’ names on gold star cut-outs. Use a projector to show movie clips and trailers on a blank wall. Dim the lights and string up string lights or lanterns for a fun glow.

Movie activities

Start with a movie trivia game to get everyone in the spirit. Play freeze dance to songs from popular movies. Learn the choreography to an iconic movie dance scene like the lift from Dirty Dancing or the twist from Pulp Fiction. For a craft, have guests make their own movie tickets or clapboards. Provide materials for movie-themed makeovers where guests can do each other's hair and makeup to look like famous movie characters.

Movie watching

The main event is screening a movie (or movies) that the birthday girl loves! Curl up in pajamas and blankets, munch on snacks, and enjoy a movie marathon. Some great movies for girls’ movie nights include The Princess Diaries, Pitch Perfect, Mean Girls, Grease, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Legally Blonde, and Sixteen Candles. Enjoy!

Between themed decor, movie trivia, crafts, snacks, and an actual movie screening, a movie night birthday party has something for every movie-loving guest. Lights, camera, action—it’s time for movie night!

Spa Day: Pampering and Relaxation for the Birthday Girl

A spa day theme is perfect for a tween birthday party. It gives the birthday girl and her friends a chance to relax, unwind, and feel pampered. Set the mood with calming music, dim lighting, and fresh flowers. Provide comfy slippers and robes for the girls to change into when they arrive.


Facials are always a hit at spa parties. Set up stations with washcloths, facial cleansers, face masks, toners, and moisturizers so each girl can give herself a mini facial. Provide options like hydrating masks, brightening masks, and pore-cleansing masks so they can choose what interests them. Explain how each product works so they can use them properly.


No spa day is complete without manicures. Have nail polish, files, clippers, cuticle oil, and hand lotion on hand so the girls can give themselves manicures if they want. Offer a selection of nail polish colors in the birthday girl’s favorite shades. Glitter polishes and nail art supplies also make it extra fun.

Relaxation Room

Create a space for the girls to relax. Provide yoga mats or large pillows to sit on, towels, eye masks, lotion, bubble bath, or bath bombs for foot soaks. Play a guided meditation or nature sounds to help them de-stress.

Healthy snacks

Offer light, refreshing snacks like fruit kabobs, veggie plates with hummus or guacamole, mini yogurt parfaits, granola bars, and infused water. For a special treat, make mini-spa water by adding fruit like lemons, limes, cucumbers, and berries to pitchers of water.

A spa party is a unique way for a tween to celebrate with friends in a memorable and meaningful way. Send the girls home with small favors like lip balm, lotion, face masks, or nail polish to remind them of the fun they had. The birthday girl is sure to appreciate such a pampering, rejuvenating experience with her besties.


So there you have it: 33 amazing party theme ideas for your little girl’s next birthday bash. With so many fun options to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. Whether she’s into princesses, animals, or games, you’re sure to find a theme she’ll love. And the best part is, with some DIY decorations, activities, and treats, you can pull off any of these themes without breaking the bank. Now get out there and start planning; her birthday will be here before you know it! Make it a celebration she’ll never forget.