Candy Theme Birthday Decorations

Candy Theme Birthday Decorations

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Planning Candy Theme Birthday Decorations for a family member or friend? We know how overwhelming it can be to pull together the decorations, especially when you want to create something extra special. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get professional-looking results without the professional price tag—by crafting the perfect candy theme birthday decorations.

At Born To Party, we know that candy is always a crowd pleaser, which is why our decorations are focused on bringing every kid’s (and adult’s!) favourite treats to life. From lollipops and gumdrops to cupcakes and chocolates, you can find everything you need to make your party look as sweet as ever. So whether you use our decorations as the complete decor look or just as a fun accent, one thing is certain: everyone will be smiling from mouth to ear!

What Are the Benefits of a Candy Theme Birthday Celebration?

Are you ready for a sweet celebration that your kid will never forget? You should consider hosting a candy-themed birthday party! This bright and colorful theme is perfect for birthdays of all ages and will surely make your guest's day.

When you shop at Born to Party, you get more than just decorations—you also get a convenient way to throw the perfect party. From streamers, plates, cups and centerpieces to banners, balloons, and confetti—we've got it all! Plus, get creative with our exclusive range of candy jars and lollipop trees complete with custom labels.

A candy land birthday theme party doesn't have to be expensive either. Our selection of bulk tableware and decorations makes it easy to customize your celebration without breaking the bank. Let us help you make your kid's party one they'll never forget!

Decorations for a Candy Theme Birthday Party

You don't need to break the bank to host the most exciting and memorable birthday celebration. All you need is a little inspiration combined with stylish decorations. And if you’re looking for something unique and creative, why not try candy theme birthday decorations?

At Born To Party, we have everything you need to turn your party into an extravaganza of sweetness. Whether it's colorful balloons, themed banners and streamers, tableware, or fun props and costumes—we have them all! You can set the mood with our range of fun centerpieces and wall decorations that can be tailored to bring your sweet birthday vision to life.

Plus, we also offer party packages for those who want a complete candy theme birthday decorations experience. Everything will be ready when you arrive, so you can spend less time prepping and more time enjoying your guests' company! Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity to throw an unforgettable bash—check out our selection today!

Fun and Creative Ideas for a Candy Land Theme Decoration

Hosting a birthday celebration? Let us take care of the decorations with our candy theme birthday decorations. It is a unique and fun way to make your event extra special. We got you covered with all the candyland theme decorations you need in one place - Born To Party!

Here are some ideas on how you can creatively decorate for your candy-themed birthday:

Wall decors

Create a sweet statement wall that screams "Candy" with our vibrant and colorful wall art decorations. Instantly transform your event space into a sweet dreamland just by hanging up our high-quality wall art decors with sweet candies, glittery lollipops, and birthday cupcake designs that are sure to mesmerize all your guests.

Table centerpiece

For an eye-catching table centerpiece, fill large glass jars with popular candies like jelly beans, gummies, rock candy, M&M’s and sprinkle them generously around the table or just dress up the background of the main cake table. Place colored sky lanterns hovering overhead for an added wow factor.

Cupcake toppers

Add a personal touch to those sweet cupcakes with our edible cupcake toppers such as lollipop rings, cotton candy puffs, and gumball eyes – all made from icing sugar so they don't just look good but taste great too!

Let us help make decorating for your special day simple and fun! Shop now at Born To Party for all your candy theme birthday decorations!

Different Types of Candy Theme Birthday Decorations

An array of candy theme decorations awaits you at Born To Party. From balloons and tablecloths to garlands and pennants, this candy themed birthday extravaganza is just a few clicks away.


Make your tables look holly jolly delightful with our special range of tableware! Choose from a variety of plates, napkins and cups—all with fun patterned designs like rainbow stripes, tulle tutus, and cupcake dreamers! Not only that but they come in different sizes and shapes. A lollipop shaped plate? Check! A cake slice shaped cup? Of course! Get even more creative by using our paper Fans or Tissue Pom Poms to make your table look like sweetest heaven!

Photo Props

Take your birthday celebration up a notch with our unique photo props! Shop eyes-rolling-back ice cream cones, chunky chocolate chip cookies, candy striped Sunglasses, Strawberry shaped hats and more. All perfect for the most original photobooth backdrop ever. Plus we got a selection of lovely backdrops that are sure to make the party photos pop out even more!


We all know that balloons are the ultimate party décor staple. Our selection brings all the eye-candy vibes you could dream off to your next bash. Choose from big Rainbow-filled Bubbles or giant Donuts that are so real looking you'll want to take a bite out of them (but don't!). Not one for helium balloons? We also have self-inflated foil numbers in all colors so you can spell out your special message in shining style.

Choosing the Right Candy Land Themed Supplies

When it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of picking out the perfect candy theme decorations for your party, you'll be glad to know that Born To Party has it all! We've got candy-themed cups, plates and napkins for themed meals, along with matching tablecloths, banners and centerpieces.

We also have options for decorations to hang from the walls and ceilings. From our balloon bouquets and garlands to our full wallpapers and wall decals—we have everything you need! Plus, all of these items are made with the brightest and most vibrant colors to bring your party room to life.

Choosing your Candy Theme Supplies

When you're ready to shop for multiple candy theme-related items, here are some tips:

  • Pick a color scheme that'll stick out in a crowd such as pink and blue or red and green.
  • Stick with traditional shapes such as stars, circles and squares when selecting wall decals or other decorations in order to keep things simple yet stylish.
  • Consider using more than one type of candy-themed decoration such as paper banners, streamers and balloons.

No matter what direction you choose for your birthday bash decorations - from sweet treats like cupcakes, popsicles or ice cream cones; or classic cake designs like pies or layered cakes - there's no shortage of delicious options when you shop with Born To Party!

Where to Get the Best Candy Theme Birthday Decorations

Hosting a birthday celebration? Let us take care of the decorations with our candy theme birthday decorations. We've got them all at Born To Party! From kits to bunting, lanterns, pom-poms and more, you can find everything you need for your sweet themed celebration.

Here's a list of some of the most popular candy-themed decorations:

  • Bunting – make use of colorful tissue paper pennants in shades of pink and purple to make any party room look irresistibly sweet!
  • Hershey Kisses – the perfect touch for any candy-themed party. They add a pop of color and fun shapes to your decor!
  • Paper Lanterns – hang these up in the party room for an eye catching touch with their bright colors and fun patterns.
  • Paper flowers – set up some table centerpieces using faux flowers in shades of pink, lavender and minty green to give your candy birthday bash a pretty floral touch.
  • Poufs & Pom Poms – add an extra special flair to your event with these colorful poufs and pom poms that come in various sizes so you can create the perfect festive atmosphere.

Whatever your vision is for your celebrations, we've got all the decorations you need right here at Born To Party! With our candy theme birthday decorations, there's no limit to how stunningly sweet your event can be.

No matter what theme your party is, there’s no better way to make it special than with candy themed decorations. Whether you’re looking to create a magical Candy Land or treat your guests to a night of sweet indulgence, our candy theme birthday decorations are a great way to make sure your party is one to remember. With over 100 different decorations and balloon kits to choose from, Born To Party has all the decorations you need to make your birthday celebration the sweetest one yet.