Air Hockey for Your Kids' Birthday Party!

Hammer Game

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Make your kids birthday party memorable and super fun with the latest addition to our services – the Hammer Game. Get ready to swing and crack your way to the fun!

Feature section:

  1. Keep kids entertained
    A Hammer Game is an exciting way to keep your kids entertained at their birthday party. Kids will enjoy participating in a game that requires little instruction and makes them feel like they're in a real-life competition.

  2. Up the ante with a deluxe Hammer Game experience
    Our deluxe Hammer Game experience includes larger games, more participants, and more prizes. This is the ultimate way to make your kid's birthday party the talk of the town.

  3. Professional staff on hand
    We provide experienced, professional staff to help guide you through the Hammer Game at your child's birthday party. Our staff will ensure that you and your kids have an unforgettable experience.