Hiring a Magician for a Birthday Party

Hiring a Magician for a Birthday Party: Things You Must Know

So your little one is having a birthday and you want to do something really special to wow the kids and create lasting memories. You've been thinking about hiring a magician to put on a show and now you're ready to make it happen. Great idea! There's nothing quite like a little magic and mystery to spark the imagination.

But before you start looking at doves in hats and rabbits... wherever magicians pull them from, there are a few things you should know to make sure the show is a success.

How do you find a magician that will appeal to kids?

What questions should you ask them beforehand? How long of a show do you need and what kinds of tricks do kids this age like best? Never fear, we've got the inside scoop to help you plan the perfect magical birthday your child will never forget.

Why Hire a Magician for a Birthday Party?

A magician is a great way to make a child's birthday party memorable and fun for all. Here are a few reasons why hiring a magician is a fantastic idea:

Entertainment for All Ages

A skilled magician can captivate both kids and adults alike. Their interactive shows keep everyone engaged and bring out the inner child in the adults. Whether the magic show features rabbits popping out of hats, disappearing acts, or mind-reading tricks, magicians provide good clean fun for all guests.

Takes the Pressure Off You

Planning a children's birthday party is stressful enough without having to organize activities and games to keep the kids entertained. A magician show gives you a built-in source of amusement that requires little effort on your part. You can sit back and enjoy the festivities rather than running around making sure all the kids are having a good time.

Memorable Experience

Magicians create a sense of wonder and delight, especially in children. The enchanting tricks and illusions magicians perform at birthday parties help make the occasion unforgettable. Kids will talk about the magic show for days and years to come. Hiring a magician is a great way to give the birthday child and their friends a memorable experience they will cherish for a long time.

Affordable Entertainment

While magicians provide premium entertainment, their services are often quite affordable, especially if you have a large number of party guests. The cost of a magic show is frequently comparable to or even less than the total cost of games, crafts, activities, and prizes at a children's theme birthday party. A magician is a budget-friendly way to keep a group of kids and adults thoroughly entertained.

Types of Magic Shows for Birthday Parties

A magician show is always a fun addition to any kid's birthday party. There are a few types of shows to choose from based on what will most delight your little guests.

Magic Show

A traditional magic show features tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, making objects disappear and reappear, escaping from ropes or chains, mind reading, and card tricks. Kids will ooh and ahh at the illusions and impossibilities. This classic option works for any age group.

Comedy Magic Show

A comedy magic show combines dazzling tricks with jokes, gags, and slapstick humor that will have both kids and parents in stitches. The magician's jokes and antics, along with the magic, provide non-stop entertainment. For school-age kids and tweens who will understand and appreciate the humor.

Balloon Twisting

A balloon twister sculpts colorful balloons into fun shapes, characters, and animals. They may also do some simple magic tricks. Great for younger kids who will be thrilled with their custom balloon creation. Balloon twisting often accompanies a magic or comedy show.

Face Painting Magic Show

This unique show features a magician who paints kids' faces, or their faces, as part of the magic tricks and illusions. They may make a face painting disappear and reappear or transform from one design into another. Imaginative shows that fuse magic and art are perfect for creative kids.

With the right type of magic show, your child's birthday will be an unforgettable event. Now, what kind of magic will you conjure up?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Magician?

Hiring a magician for a birthday party can be expensive, depending on factors like:

  • The magician’s experience and popularity. More well-known magicians with an established reputation for amazing shows will charge higher rates.
  • The length and complexity of the performance. A longer, more intricate show with lots of props and set changes will cost more than a shorter one with a few tricks.
  • Any additional services offered. Things like balloon twisting, face painting, or puppet shows in addition to magic tricks will increase the overall cost.

How Much Does a magician for a birthday party cost?

You can expect to pay between Rs 3,000 to 50,000 for a children’s birthday party magician for about an hour of performance and interaction. The average rate nationally is around Rs 5000/. In larger cities, especially on the coasts, fees tend to be on the higher end of that range or more. Many magicians will also charge extra for travel costs to locations outside their immediate area.

Some magicians may charge less for a first birthday or other milestone events. They may also offer package deals if you book them for longer or want additional services. It never hurts to ask if they offer any discounts or are willing to negotiate, especially if your budget is limited.

The most important thing is to find a magician with an engaging style that connects well with both kids and adults. Watch video clips of them performing to get a feel for their act and whether their sense of humor and tricks seem like a good fit for your party guests. While cost is a factor, a highly skilled magician who can truly captivate and entertain the audience is worth the investment. An amazing show will create lasting memories for your child and all the partygoers.

With some research and patience, you can find an experienced kids’ magician to dazzle the birthday boy or girl within your budget. Just be sure to book well in advance, as the best magicians’ schedules fill up quickly, especially on weekends. Putting a deposit down and signing a contract will ensure your date is secured. Then get ready to witness some jaw-dropping fun as the magic unfolds!

Where to Find Magicians for Birthday Parties Near Me

Finding a magician for a birthday party near you has never been easier. With the rise of gig economy platforms, you have many options to choose from. Here are some of the best places to search for kid's party magicians in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR and Noida:

Online Marketplaces

Websites like Urban Clap, and Book My Function allow magicians and other entertainers to create profiles and list their services. You can view photos, watch video clips, read reviews from other customers, and compare prices. Many magicians on these sites specialize in children's parties and have experience performing for kids of all ages. They offer classic tricks like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, making objects disappear, and card tricks, as well as balloon twisting and face painting.

Social Media

Many magicians promote their services on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Search for phrases like "magician for birthday party in Delhi" or "kid's party Games coordinator in Gurgaon" to find magicians active in your area.

View their social media profiles to get a sense of their style and experience. See if they have a promotional video that shows them performing in front of a live audience. Then reach out to them directly via social media messaging or by phone to discuss availability and pricing.


Ask friends, family members, or your child's school administrators for referrals to local magicians and entertainers. They may know of someone they've used in the past who did a great job at a child's birthday party or school event.

Get their contact information and call them to express your interest in booking them for your party. Explain the details like the age range of children attending and your budget. Ask if they have any videos or photos of them performing at other events you could view.

With some searching, you're sure to find an experienced magician perfect for entertaining the kids at your child's birthday party. Be sure to book them well in advance, especially if your party falls on a weekend during the busy summer season or holiday months. Provide all details about your event in advance so they can customize tricks and activities ideal for your child's age and interests. Most of all, sit back and enjoy the show!

Questions to Ask When Booking a Magician

When booking a magician for your child’s birthday party, asking the right questions is key to finding an entertainer who will dazzle the kids and give you peace of mind. Here are some important things to ask about:

Experience and References

How long has the magician been performing for children's parties? Do they have experience with the specific age group at your party? Ask for references from other clients and call them. Hearing firsthand accounts of other shows will give you a good sense of what to expect.

Type of Magic Show

Will the show consist of more interactive magic with lots of audience participation or a demonstration of large illusions? Shows with lots of kid involvement and comedy are usually a bigger hit. Ask if any live animals will be used in the performance. Some kids may be frightened of or allergic to animals.

Length of Performance

Typical shows last 30 to 50 minutes to keep kids engaged. Ask how long the performance will run so you can schedule breaks, cake time, and opening presents. You’ll also want to confirm when the magician will arrive to set up and how long the teardown will take after the show ends.


Kids will often crowd around the magician during and after the show. Ask what precautions they take to ensure the safety of children and any live animals. Proper supervision of kids and physical barriers are must-haves. You should feel comfortable that the magician can control the group and handle any situations that may arise responsibly.

By asking the right questions upfront, you'll find an entertainer who can make your child's birthday party a magical and memorable experience for all. With the details settled, you'll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Tips for Preparing for the Magician's Visit

To make sure the magician's visit goes smoothly, there are a few things you'll want to prepare in advance.

Create a Schedule

Work with the magician to determine exactly what time they will arrive and how long their performance will last. Build your party schedule around this, allowing at least 30 minutes for the magician to set up any props or equipment before the show begins. Let guests know when the magic show will start so everyone can gather to watch.

Prepare the Performance Space

Choose a location for the show that will accommodate all your guests with a clear view of the magician. Make sure there is a table for any props as well as space in front and to the sides of the table for the magician to move around. Check that lighting is adequate and that any walkways are clear. The magician may ask that you rope off or curtain the performance area to avoid distraction—be sure to discuss any needs for the space in advance.

Inform Your Guests

Let invitees know that a magician will be performing so they can look forward to this special treat. Mention that there will be opportunities for audience participation for those interested in assisting with tricks or illusions. Ask that all guests give the magician their full attention and cooperation during the performance.

Have Props or Volunteers Ready

If the magician has requested certain props for their act like a scarf, rope, or playing cards, have those items on hand. They may also ask for a few volunteers from the audience to help with certain illusions. Be prepared to encourage guests, especially any children, to raise their hands to participate. The magic show will be much more engaging for all when there are volunteers involved.

  • Consider any safety measures for live animals if they will be part of the act. Discuss with the magician in advance.
  • Ask if the magician will require a space to change clothes or prepare. Provide a private area if needed.
  • Don't forget to express your thanks and appreciation to the magician for sharing their talent and skill at the party. Your guests are sure to remember the experience for years to come!

What to Expect During the Magic Show

When the magician arrives at the party, the real magic begins! Here’s what you and your guests can expect during the performance:

Setting Up

The magician will need some time to set up their equipment and props before the show starts. Provide them with a table to work from and space for their larger illusions. Keep guests away from the setup area so nothing gets revealed prematurely! The magician may ask for an assistant from the audience, so encourage your guests to volunteer if asked.

Interactive Magic

Many magicians incorporate interactive elements where guests become part of the trick. Your magician may make objects disappear and reappear, guess cards or words spectators have chosen, or predict random numbers selected by the audience. These interactive tricks, like mentalism or mind-reading acts, are always a crowd-pleaser!

Large-Scale Illusions

If you’ve booked a magician with large props and equipment, get ready to be dazzled by big illusions like disappearing acts, levitation, or cutting people in half! These sizable tricks require the proper setup and space to perform but are guaranteed to drop jaws. Keep your eyes peeled for trapdoors, mirrors, and other hidden contraptions that enable the illusion.


The show will build up to an exciting finale, like making a large object vanish or transforming one object into something completely different. The magician may also do an illusion with lots of visual drama, like escaping from a straightjacket while suspended upside down! Your guests are sure to erupt into applause after witnessing such a thrilling conclusion.

After the show, the magician will likely stick around to mingle with guests, sign autographs and even give mini-performances. Encourage people to show their appreciation for the magician—they are more than happy to chat, answer questions about their act, and teach some simple tricks. With the right magician, you’ll have an unforgettable party experience and memories that last far longer than the tricks themselves!

Fun Magic Tricks Kids Love

Kids love magic tricks, and for a children’s birthday party, a magician is always a hit. When hiring a magician, keep in mind some tricks that delight little ones. Kids will ooh and aah at tricks they can relate to and find amusing.

Vanishing Objects

Making small objects disappear and reappear, like a coin, ring, or stuffed animal, fascinates children. A magician can vanish the item, then retrieve it from a kid’s ear or have a child make it reappear from thin air. Kids will be amazed at the disappearing act.

Card Tricks

Simple card tricks, like guessing a child’s card or changing the color of cards, amuse kids. More complex tricks where the magician guesses the card a child is thinking of or changes a whole deck into the child’s favorite color or pictures of their favorite animal can really wow the audience.

Rope Tricks

Tricks like magically cutting and restoring a rope, escaping from rope ties, or making knots instantly appear and disappear in a rope entertain kids and adults alike. The magician can have children tie them up to prove there’s no way to escape, then promptly free themselves, much to the amazement of the kids.

Live Animals

If the magician incorporates live animals, especially ones that children find cute and cuddly like doves, rabbits, or guinea pigs, the kids will be delighted. Vanishing, appearing, and transforming the animals will provoke lots of giggles and make the show unforgettable. However, make sure none of the children are allergic to the animals first!

A magician skilled in these kinds of tricks, with lots of childlike wonder and silliness, will make a children’s birthday party magical. The kids will love participating in and being amazed by tricks they can relate to. And you’ll have a party the children will never forget!

FAQ About Hiring Magicians for Birthday Parties

So you’ve decided to hire a magician for your child’s birthday party—great idea! There are a few things you should know to help ensure the magic show goes off without a hitch.

What type of magician should I hire?

Choose between a children’s magician or a family magician based on the ages of your guests. A children’s magician specializes in shows for kids 12 and under, using lots of silliness, participation, and age-appropriate tricks and jokes. A family magician appeals to all ages with a variety of large-scale illusions and mind-reading tricks, as well as some kids’ tricks. For the widest range of ages, a family magician is your best bet.

What should I expect on the day of the show?

Most magicians require a private space away from spectators to set up before the show. They’ll need about 30 minutes to unpack their equipment and may ask to meet any helpers (like someone to collect tickets or move props during the show).

Have all helpers arrive a bit early. The magician will likely mingle with guests and do a few walk-around tricks before the main show. Make sure all guests have arrived for the start of the show, as some tricks depend on certain sized audiences.

Can guests assist in the show?

Most magicians encourage audience participation and will ask for volunteer “helpers” during the show. Helpers are usually children, but some teens and adults may be asked to join in certain illusions or tricks. All helpers will be treated with the utmost care and respect. Let your guests know in advance they may be asked to come on stage, so they can eagerly await their chance in the spotlight!

The key to a successful magic show is hiring the right magician for your needs and ensuring their specific requests are met. With a little preparation, your child and guests will be delightfully stunned by the wonders they experience! Let the magic begin!


You want your child's birthday party to be an unforgettable experience, so hiring an entertainer like a magician is a great idea. Just make sure you do your research to find a pro who specializes in kids' parties and has experience performing for audiences of a range of ages.

Meet with a few candidates to get a feel for their style and see if they connect well with children. Discuss the kinds of tricks and activities that will keep the little ones engaged and laughing.

Once you've booked your magician, sit back and enjoy the show - the kids are sure to be dazzled and delighted. With the right entertainer and a little bit of planning, you'll pull off an amazing party your child will remember for years to come.