First Birthday Party Themes for Girls: 10 Fun and Memorable Ideas

You only get one first birthday, so you want to make it memorable! As the parent of a little girl, you probably want to go all out for her first birthday party. But between planning the guest list, choosing a venue, sending invitations, and figuring out the menu, coming up with a fun theme can seem like just one more thing to add to your overflowing to-do list.

Don't stress; we've got you covered. Here are 30 adorable first-birthday party theme ideas for girls that are easy to pull off and will make her first birthday party picture-perfect. From princess themes to floral themes to cute animal themes, you're sure to find inspiration on this list for an unforgettable bash she'll enjoy and you'll love putting together. Her first birthday only happens once, so make it a celebration to remember with one of these charming party themes made for little girls.

Girly First Birthday Party Theme Ideas

A girly first birthday party theme is perfect for your little princess. Think pink, tutus, fairy tales, and lots of glitter! Here are some adorable theme ideas:

Pretty in Pink

You can't go wrong with pink. Decorate using different shades of pink paper plates, cups, banners, and balloons. Serve pink lemonade, fruit salad, and pink-frosted cupcakes. Dress the birthday girl in a pink tutu or T-shirt. This theme is sweet, simple, and oh-so-girly.

Once Upon a Time

Bring fairy tales to life with a storybook-themed party. Use banners with "Once upon a time..." and Happy ever after". Decorate using storybooks, castles, and carriages. Serve tea sandwiches, scones, and petit fours. Have the children make their magic wands or crowns. Read a fairy tale together and act it out. This whimsical theme sparks imagination.

Tutu Cute

For the ultimate girly theme, do a tutu and ballet slipper theme. Ask guests to wear tutus and tiaras. Decorate using tulle, glitter, and ballerinas. Serve tea, finger sandwiches, and cupcakes with ballet shoe toppers. Do an age-appropriate ballet or dance activity. Take photos of the tiny dancers in their tutus—they're too adorable!

Unicorn Dreams

Unicorns, rainbows, and all things magical make this theme a dream come true. Use a pastel color scheme and decorate with unicorns, rainbows, stars, and glitter. Serve star and rainbow-shaped snacks, cupcakes with unicorn toppers, and a "magical" punch. Give unicorn horns or rainbow tutus as favors. This whimsical, fantasy theme will spark wonder and delight.

Your little girl's first birthday party should be as fun, memorable, and girly as she is. With some creativity, tulle, glitter, and fairy tales, you'll have an enchanting party she'll never forget. Sweet dreams, little unicorn!

Pretty in Pink: Pink and Gold Decor for Her Special Day

For a pretty-in-pink-themed first birthday, you can't go wrong with pink and gold decor. This classic color combination is perfect for a little princess's celebration.


Fill the party area with pink and gold balloons, like pale pink, rose gold, and metallic gold. Weight them down or tie them to chairs and tables so they don't float away. You can also get foil balloon numbers to display her age.


Look for plastic or paper plates, cups, and napkins in pink and gold designs. Or for an extra special touch, use real plates and glasses in the theme colors. Don't forget the cutlery—the little gold forks and spoons are adorable!

Banners and streamers

A homemade 'Happy Birthday' banner in pink and gold letters or numbers is a must. You can also string up pink and gold streamers, honeycomb balls, or pom poms for a festive look.

Cake and treats

Serve a pink cake, pink lemonade, pink cookies, pink macarons—you get the idea! For an extra special centerpiece, a pink smash cake with a gold '1' candle is perfect for photos.

Outfit and accessories

Dress the birthday girl in a pink tutu or dress and a gold crown or hair bow. You can also get pink and gold shoes, jewelry, and even a sash or cape. Don't forget a pink and gold outfit for yourself too—get into the spirit of things!

With all the pink and gold decor, outfits, and treats, your little princess will feel like royalty at her pretty-in-pink birthday party. Capture all the memories in photos, and she'll be sure to cherish them for years to come.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Outer Space Theme with Glitter and Galaxies

An outer space-themed birthday party is out of this world! Little girls will love a galactic celebration filled with glitter, stars, and galaxies.


Decorate using silver, purple, and blue to represent the night sky and outer space. Hang up string lights, star or moon decals, and tinsel to make it sparkly. You can also get creative with DIY decorations like:

  • • Painted flower pots turned into little alien heads or rockets.
  • • Papermache planets and moons
  • •Tissue paper stained glass ‘windows’


There are so many fun activities for a space-themed party! Some ideas include:

  • • Make constellations by sticking glow-in-the-dark star stickers onto a dark ceiling or wall. Have the girls use their imagination to connect the dots and create patterns.
  • • Doing ‘moon’ jumps, where the girls jump as high as they can. You can give small prizes for the highest or most creative jumps.
  • • Building Lego spaceships and aliens Get a few Lego sets for the girls to share and build together.
  • • Doing a freeze dance with space-themed music. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze like an astronaut in space!


A star- or planet-shaped cake, cupcakes with star or moon toppers, and space-themed cake pops or Rice Krispies treats would all be perfect for this theme. You can also do a sheet cake or cake board iced in black or dark blue with sprinkles, edible glitter, and star and planet-shaped candies. Add a toy spaceship or alien figurine for a fun topper!


Some stellar favor ideas include glow-in-the-dark stars or planets, mini Play-Doh, small alien or robot figurines, mini flashlights, or kazoos. You can also make DIY favors like star or moon-shaped cookies, Rice Krispies treats, mini Play-Doh, or small alien figurines. Attach a ‘Thank you for exploring the galaxy!’ tag for an out-of-this-world finishing touch.

A space-themed birthday party will be an unforgettable adventure and blast off into fun for all the little astronauts! Set the scene with glittery DIY decorations, enjoy imaginative activities, and spoil the guests with stellar favors and an extraterrestrial cake. 3, 2, 1...blast off!

Tea Party Perfection: Alice in Wonderland Garden Party


Decorate using items inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous story. Scatter playing cards, top hats, tea cups, and potted flowers around the party area. You can find many of these items at a party supply store or craft them yourself. String colorful bunting with ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ labels. For the main table, use a mismatched collection of tea cups, saucers, and pots as centerpieces.


Have guests come dressed as characters from the story like Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, or the Mad Hatter. For little ones, tutus, striped stockings, and hair ribbons make easy and adorable costumes. As an alternative, provide props for a costume photo booth so guests can take whimsical pictures.


A classic tea party menu is perfect. Serve finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, petit fours, cupcakes iced to look like playing cards or mushrooms, and ‘Eat Me’ cookies. For drinks, offer tea (iced or hot), lemonade, and, for the adults, Mad Hatter’s Punch. You can also get creative with names, like ‘Queen of Tarts’ for tarts or ‘Caterpillar’s Cupcakes.’


Have the children make Alice in Wonderland crafts like Cheshire Cat smiles, Queen of Hearts crowns, or mushroom houses. Play croquet with plastic flamingos and hedgehogs. Read an abridged version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Most of all, let the little ones use their imagination—after all, in Wonderland anything is possible!

An Alice in Wonderland garden party will delight little girls and ignite a sense of wonder. Most of all, keep things whimsical and not too structured. Let the children explore all the magical elements you’ve created. With creativity and imagination, it will be a memorable first birthday celebration in Wonderland.

Sweet Safari: Jungle Animals and Rainforest Adventures

A sweet safari jungle theme is perfect for a little explorer'sbirthday theme for girls. Set the scene with a handmade safari tent, tropical leaves, and stuffed animals. This adventure-filled theme works great for an outdoor party in nice weather.

Supplies to gather

You'll want to stock up on supplies to bring the jungle to life.

  • • Green streamers or fabric to make a canopy
  • • Palm fronds, large leaves, or greenery to decorate
  • • Stuffed animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, etc.
  • • Toy binoculars, compasses, and camping lanterns
  • • Safari hats for guests to wear
  • • Camouflage or khaki decorations

Activities for little explorers

There are lots of interactive activities for 1-year-olds to spark their imagination:

  • • Set up a safari tent or canopy for the little explorers to explore. Fill it with stuffed animals, leaves, and adventure toys.
  • • Create a jungle obstacle course with tunnels, jumping spots, and more. Help the little ones navigate the course.
  • • Play an animal freeze dance. Have the kids dance like elephants, hop like frogs, and run like cheetahs. When the music stops, everyone freezes.
  • • Decorate plain t-shirts to make safari vests. Use fabric markers, stickers, and stencils to add animals, leaves, and the number one.
  • • Read books about the jungle and animals together. Some great options for little ones include Dear Zoo, Giraffes Can't Dance, and Monkey Puzzle.
  • • Blow up a kiddie pool and fill it with plastic balls to make a ball pit. This is always a hit with toddlers and reinforces the jungle adventure theme.

Cake and treats

A sweet safari calls for an animal-themed cake and treats:

  • • Decorate cupcakes to look like lions, zebras, giraffes, or elephants.
  • • Add animal crackers, Teddy Grahams, and banana chips to the snack table.
  • • Frost the birthday cake to resemble a jungle scene with greenery, animals, and a safari tent.
  • • Gummy worms, animal fruit snacks, and jungle animal rice krispie treats also make great snack options.

With interactive activities, yummy treats, and an exciting theme, this jungle safari birthday is sure to spark wonder and adventure for your little explorer. Make it a celebration they'll never forget!

Peppa Pig Theme Birthday Party

For a fun Peppa Pig-themed birthday party, consider including some of these elements:


Decorate using Peppa Pig party supplies, including plates, cups, napkins, banners, and balloons in pink, blue, and red colors. You can find many of these items at party supply stores or online. Consider making your DIY decorations like pig noses, muddy puddles, and handprint crafts. Play the show’s theme song on repeat for added fun.


There are lots of activities you can plan to bring the show to life. Have the kids make their own Peppa masks or handprint pigs. Play Pin the Tail on Peppa or musical muddy puddles. You can also do Peppa Pig coloring pages, stickers, play dough, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. For a fun craft, have the kids make their own Mr. Potato Head using a real potato, felt pieces, and glue.


A Peppa Pig cake is essential for a themed birthday party. You can buy ready-made cakes from Peppa and her family or get creative by making your own. A simple pig-shaped cake with pink frosting and Peppa’s characteristics like a red dress, a black tail, and yellow hair and shoes would be adorable. You can also make cupcakes with Peppa Pig toppers or wrappers.


Send each little piggy home with Peppa Pig-themed party favors like plush toys, figurines, play sets, bubbles, stickers, tattoos, play dough, coloring books, and crayons. Small pig noses or ears and little muddy puddle toys also make great favors.

A Peppa Pig birthday party with themed decorations, activities, cake, and favors will delight any little fan of the show. Keep things pink, muddy, and silly for a fun celebration your birthday girl and her friends will surely love. Oink oink! Have a very muddy birthday!

Sunshine Theme Birthday Party

A sunshine theme birthday party is bright, cheerful, and perfect for a little girl's first birthday. Here are some tips to make it memorable:


Decorate using yellows and oranges, the colors of the sun. Hang yellow streamers, balloons, and banners. Use double-sided tape to stick yellow tissue paper to windows and mirrors for a sunny glow.

For the table, use a yellow tablecloth and scatter yellow confetti for a bright centerpiece. Add little terracotta flower pots as cupcakes or treat holders, filling them with yellow candies or small toys as favors for the children to take home.


Set up a DIY suncatcher craft station with yellow paint, sequins, string, and paper plates or cardboard circles for the children to decorate. Provide stickers, stencils, and dot paints or dot markers for the little ones. Play pin the smile on the sun. Cut out a large sun shape and have the children add a smiley face to it. Blindfold each child and have them try to pin on the smile. Whoever gets the closest wins! Read stories about the sun like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" or "Curious George Learns the Sun's Hot". Act out songs like "You Are My Sunshine" or "Mr. Sun".


A sunshine cake is a must. Bake a round yellow cake and frost it with orange frosting. Add yellow sprinkles for extra sunshine. You can also pipe the frosting in sunbeam shapes radiating out from the edge. Place one candle in the center for the birthday girl to blow out.

A sunshine-themed birthday party filled with bright colors and fun activities is sure to delight a one-year-old little girl and her guests. Keep things simple but cheery for a memorable first birthday celebration.

Butterfly-themed birthday party

A butterfly-themed birthday party is whimsical and fun for little girls. Here are some ideas to make this theme come to life:


Decorate using tissue paper butterflies, colorful streamers, and flowers. You can find butterfly garlands, cupcake toppers, plates, cups, and tablecloths at most party supply stores. Have the girls make their butterflies using coffee filters, pipe cleaners, and markers. Hang them up for display.

Set up a butterfly garden sensory bin filled with soil, flowers, and plastic butterflies for the little ones to explore. Provide butterfly nets, jars, and observation sheets so the girls can pretend to catch and study butterflies.


Do an outdoor butterfly craft, like painting rocks to look like butterflies or making homemade butterfly feeders. Have the girls spread their arms and flutter around, acting like beautiful butterflies flying from flower to flower.

Play pin the spot on the butterfly. Make butterfly-shaped rice krispie treats or fruit kabobs to snack on. Read a story about butterflies, like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Have a two-tier cake in the shape of butterfly wings, decorated with icing in gorgeous colors and patterns. Add antennae, a head, and compound eyes to make it look like a butterfly. Place butterfly rings, wands, tattoos, or figurines on top as cake toppers.


Send each girl home with butterfly wings, a butterfly net, a plush toy butterfly, stickers, tattoos, or a butterfly garden kit so they can continue the fun at home. A personalized butterfly t-shirt or sundress would also make an adorable favor.

Focusing on colorful decor, crafts, activities, treats, and favors featuring butterflies will make this whimsical theme come to life for your little girl’s special day. Most importantly, relax and flutter around with the girls—their joy and laughter will make this a birthday to remember!

Flamingo-themed 1st birthday party

A flamingo-themed first birthday party is fun, whimsical, and perfect for a little girl. To pull it off, think pink, tropical, and sassy.


Decorate using different shades of pink, from ballet slippers to fuchsia. Use plastic pink flamingos, pink streamers, pink tablecloths, and pink plates and cups. You can find many of these party supplies at party supply stores or order them online.

Blow up a kiddie pool and fill it with pink plastic balls for the kids to play in. Surround the pool with the plastic flamingos. This creates a cute photo spot and play area. For the cake and cupcakes, use pink frosting and top them with plastic flamingo picks or pink feather boas.


Have the kids make pink flamingo hats or masks. Provide pink felt, sequins, feathers, and other decorations for them to glue onto headbands or eye masks.

Play hot flamingo potato. Have the kids sit in a circle and pass around a pink stuffed flamingo. When the music stops, whoever is holding the flamingo leaves the circle. Keep playing until there is one flamingo and one child left. Read children’s books about flamingos like "Flamingo Floyd" by Kenn Nesbitt or "The Flamingo Who Flew Too Far" by Elizabeth Honey.


Send each guest home with pink flamingo sunglasses, small stuffed flamingos, pink boas, or pink Play-Doh. Attach a thank-you tag that says something like "Thanks for flamingoing to the party!"

A flamingo-themed party is a fun way to celebrate a little girl’s first birthday. With the right decor, activities, and favors, you’ll have a pink party she’ll never forget!


You've now got 30 fun and memorable first birthday party theme ideas for your little girl to choose from. Whether you go with a classic like Pink Princess, a whimsical like Woodland Fairy, or a trendy like Boho Chic, you really can't go wrong.

The most important thing is celebrating this major milestone surrounded by loved ones. Before you know it, she'll be walking, talking, and growing into her little person.

So take lots of pictures, laugh together, and make memories over smash cake and presents. Her first birthday only happens once, so make the most of it with a theme that captures her sweet spirit. The year has flown by, but the moments you've shared will last forever.