Wedding Anniversary Decoration Items

Wedding Anniversary Decoration Items

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Whether it's your first or fiftieth wedding anniversary, it's time to make it special. You've heard the saying that the best gifts come from the heart. Well, that's true for anniversary decorations too!

But if you're stuck on ideas, don't worry. You've come to the right place! At Born To Party, we specialize in organizing remarkable wedding anniversaries with decorations and items that will make your special day unforgettable. Whether you're looking for bold and vibrant colors or something more classic and elegant, we have what you need—and at an unbeatable price.

Ready to dive in? Great! Let's take a look at some of our top choices for dream anniversary decoration items so that you can make your special day extraordinary.

Creative wedding anniversary decoration items

Do you want to make your wedding anniversary decoration items extra special? At Born To Party, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere with our selection of wedding anniversary decoration items. Whether you're celebrating one year or fifty, we've got the perfect pieces to transform your anniversary into something memorable.

From elegant fairy lights and balloon sets to dramatic columns and arches, we've got all the decorations you need to spruce up your anniversary venue. Our experienced team ensures that everything is crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail. Plus, our unique floral designs are sure to make your celebration a visual treat!

For a truly romantic atmosphere, consider incorporating some of our dreamy paper lanterns into the décor. These lanterns set the perfect tone for a night full of blissful memories that will linger long after the party is over. Whatever you choose, be sure to browse through our collection of wedding anniversary décor items so that you can create a night to remember!

Personalized Party Favors for Your Special Day

Second-person point of view is key when you're planning your dream wedding anniversary decorations. That's why Born to Party offers a variety of personalized party favors for your special day. Not only are these favors designed to commemorate the day, but they also add an extra layer of sentimentality that's sure to make your celebration that much more memorable.

Choose from customizable mugs, frames, tumblers and cups with custom text or images that capture the spirit of your anniversary. Our photo booth accessories also make for great keepsakes—you can create backdrops and props featuring photos from your special day!

For a truly unique touch, consider our custom 3D printed replicas of the two of you in a loving embrace. These replicas come in a variety of materials, including ceramic and crystal glass, giving you plenty of options to choose from. No matter what option you pick, it will be a special reminder of the love between you and your beloved on this special day.

Stylish Table Settings for Your Special Occasion

You want to make your wedding anniversary special and memorable, so why not make it look special too? At Born To Party, we can help you find stylish table settings that will really wow your guests.

From elegant chargers to stunning cake stands, we have it all when it comes to table decorations. Whether you want a modern look or something a bit more classic, there is definitely something for everyone.


We understand that creating the perfect tablescape for your occasion requires a perfect combination of items – from dishes to cups and glasses, and even centerpieces! So let us handle it all for you with our wide selection of gorgeous items. We can provide you with a custom look that reflects your personality and at the same time doesn’t break the bank.

Place Settings

We offer an array of place settings that are sure to fit any budget. From simple placemats to ornate centerpieces and even complete sets with coordinating dishes, we’ll help you choose the perfect pieces to create a luxurious tablescape for your wedding anniversary.

So don’t let table decorations be an afterthought when planning your special day. Let Born To Party handle it all for you – whether it’s for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or any special event – so you can focus on celebrating!

Luminous Lighting Options for a Magical Ambience

If you're looking for luminous lighting options to create a magical ambience for your anniversary celebration, Born to Party has plenty of options to choose from. Our birthday organizers have included a selection of twinkling twig lights, sparkling statement lamps and glimmering candles in the range.

For a modern take on ambient lighting, try our low-hanging and subtle fairy lights, which create an intimate atmosphere in any venue space or party hall. Or if you're looking for something truly grandiose, our crystal chandeliers offer the perfect touch of grandeur and elegance combined.

Twig Lights

A stylish addition to your engagement decor, twig lights add a dash of warmth and romance to your wedding anniversary celebration. Their pretty white branches will stand out beautifully in any backdrop and make for a unique festive accent piece.

Statement Lamps

Our statement lamps will transform any room into a vibrant lounge filled with liveliness and joy! These bold metallic lampshades are sure to make an impression on your guests as soon as they walk into the venue space!

Tea Light Candles

The tea light candles from Born To Party are made from wax with cotton wicks trimmed perfectly for controlled flickering light. The esthetic appeal of these translucent mini lanterns will surely capture everyone's attention!

Stunning Centerpieces to Make the Event Memorable

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is special, and it’s important to make sure you create a memorable event. At Born to Party, we understand that, and can help you find the perfect decorations. Our centerpiece options will really make your guest's eyes pop, and give the whole event a luxurious look.

With our centerpieces, you can easily choose from a range of materials and colors to ensure everything coordinates with the rest of your décor and your personal theme. We offer some truly stunning choices such as:

  1. Vases: For an added elegant touch, consider installing clear glass vases filled with colorful flowers or candles that match the color scheme of your event. They create the perfect backdrop for photos!
  2. Lanterns: Lanterns are classic décor options that are incredibly versatile. Choose from either metallic or glass lanterns for an elegant look that will last all night long!
  3. Candles: Candles are also great for romanticizing any aisle or other area in the venue. They can be used alone or in combination with other centerpieces to give a dreamy atmosphere to the entire occasion.
  4. Chandeliers: Chandeliers instantly add sparkle to any table setting and are perfect for creating a luxurious ambiance at your wedding anniversary celebration!

By choosing us as your decorations supplier, you get access to all these wonderful centerpiece options. Our experienced professionals will ensure everything is perfectly arranged to make it easier for you on the big day!

Make It an Unforgettable Night With Music and Entertainment

Do you and your partner love to dance? Then, why not hire music and entertainment for your wedding anniversary decoration items? It's sure to make your night unforgettable!

If you're looking for something special, Born To Party can set up a private dance floor or hire a live band or musician. You can also add some fun and laughter with stand-up comedians or belly dancers. We can work within any budget to create the music and entertainment that complements your wedding anniversary celebration.

We also have props like light sticks, rain machine, bubble jets and much more that will take the ambiance of your celebration to a whole new level. We are happy to discuss any ideas that you have in mind to create an atmosphere of fun and joy for your wedding anniversary party.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a time of joy and reflection, and the perfect opportunity to decorate your party with something special to mark the occasion. With so many options out there, deciding on the right decoration items can be a challenge. But with the help of Born to Party, you can be sure to find the perfect decorations for your special day. From vibrant balloon bouquets to stylish centerpieces and wall decorations, there is something to suit any kind of celebration. So, plan ahead and get the perfect decorations for the most important day of your life.